Thursday, April 7, 2016

45th trip to Bintulu - 26 August'13 (52,600 km)

Fospa resting his arm on Mama's back....fantastic therapy

Banana study in crayon

Banana study (Crayon on paper), 30"x20", 1978, Kuching.

Facebook cover design for Birdwatch album - 2013

Cover design - 21 Sept'13

Three Abstracts a day

The above were done in a day 11th January, 2012 in Kuching.  The paintings were done on plywood using left over paint.

The Bintulu sunset in MOOD's photography

The Bintulu beaches are awesome locations for sunset photgraphy.  The Bintulu sunset is a natural resource of great tourism potential for Bintulu.  In the above photos I have tried to capture the beauty of the Bintulu sunset.

Languas galanga ( Langkuas)

The " Langkuas " (Languas galanga ) is a very common plant in Sarawak

Mid Hill surprises

The Traveller's Palm planted at the fringe of the jungle with oil palm trees in the background. From the stout trunk two rows of leaves are arranged in a fan-like shape.

A Myrmecodia epihpyte

A Myrmecodia epiphyte with large tuber housing tiny ants
Location : Licuala Hill

In Rattan territory (Part 1)

The climbing palms of the tropics - rattan or "Rotan" in Malay
Location : Provinsi Rattan, Zone I

A lifer of a blue flycatcher

Eumyias indigo

October brings the Hornbill

Up close and personal with the Black Hornbill
Location: Kambatik Park, Bintulu.

The Supple Rattan

My favourite rattan carrying basket called " Abik" in the local Bintulu Melanau dialect.

Smoking the "Cempedak " fruit

After drying, the aril is smoked and this may take about 4 hours to produce the best result.

The Nibong Palm and its uses

Clumps of Nibong seen along the edge of highway towards Bako Fishing Village.

We were once kids

Young kids at Kampung Jepak playing in the rain . Date: 24Nov'09.