Saturday, January 4, 2014

Once upon a Kuala (river mouth)

Once upon a tree

Once upon a painting


Once upon a Radio


Friday, January 3, 2014

Hot on Heels

Too few to mention

Bamboo Culm Compositions - 5

Heliconia, Frangipani and Red Ti leaves

Hail to the Heliconias

Jalan Keppel - mid 70's

Sky Theater - 1950's

Bintulu Golf Course - 2nd nine (Hole 17)

Bintulu town during the first boom (1979 -83)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Chinese entrepreneurship

Najib is Listening

Sapeh Music

Salleh sells the 4 C's

Landscape trees for Sarawak

Birding in Kuching

Durian stops

Thoughts on Kuching Garden city

Serikin street scenes - "Little Indonesia"

Orchids in a tropical garden

May flowering trees of Kuching

MOOD in the mood for Indonesian song

Election posters along Sarawak countryside

Wow!! It's the Bintulu belacan

The "Queen of Sarawak Palm" blossoms

Ingenieers Just Wanna Have Fun

Grand old trees of Bintulu town

Challenge my dracaena !

The Mid Hill Footpath

Sassy Pink Footpath Project


Bintulu's First Horticultural Consultant

My Affinity with the Council Negeri ( in 3 Parts) - Pt. 3

My affinity with the Council Negeri ( in 3 Parts) - Pt.2

My Affinity with the Council Negeri( in 3 parts) - Pt. 1

My Earliest Bintulu Dairy - 1965

The Stand Alone MANGO TREE

School Drama in Bintulu in the 1960's and 1970's

MY Special Poem for the New Year - A New 2009

A Visit to a Garden of Pitcher Plants and Wild Orchids

Bintulu Malay Wedding ceremony ( Part 2 )

Bintulu Malay Wedding ceremony

The Malaysian Garden and the art of cut flowers

Miri city and the Grand Old Lady